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Let us ask you this, do you believe one person’s decision can have a generational impact?

We can say without a doubt, an ecstatic “Yes!!”

You see… there once was a teenage girl who grew up on her family farm in rural Manitoba. She spent her summers working in the garden and feeding the chickens and other farm animals.

Summer would lead into fall and she would begin her return to the nearby boarding school which was run by the “Sisters of the Cross”

It was there that she had to make the biggest decision of her “Life”, that one decision, the one decision that changed the trajectory of her life and without exaggeration ours.

“Hi” We are the Koevoet Brothers, you see that young girl you just met was our mother and let’s just say that the Sisters of the Cross persuaded her to take a different path than the one she had originally intended for herself.

A while back we started having weekly “Zoom” calls to catch up on our family’s lives and especially to connect with our father so we can make sure he’s living his best life. He says he’s going to live to 105, all the power to him. We just have to remind him that it’s what he does today, “NOW” that is going to help him achieve his dreams.

If you can, we highly suggest you do group video chats with your family on whatever platform that will work for you.

During one of these weekly family chats, we got on to the topic of retirement and what we wanted from our retirement. Although we had many ideas, one of the underlying themes was…

Summer in Canada and Winter in someplace warm with beaches, friendly people, unforgettable sunrises and sunsets, and oh, maybe a palm tree or two… Great idea, right?

Our mother and father had the chance to live that kind of snowbird lifestyle for over a decade and one of the boys and his wife liked the idea so much that they moved to the Rio Grande Valley to live year-round.

Paul the oldest of the boys, proposed an interesting theory. He proposed that he could build a beach-themed tiny vacation home that could pay for itself and provide Winter Living for free to the investors aka the Koevoet Brothers. Paul said we had to build a prototype so that people who could not visualize could see a tangible, physical place that they could walk through and experience.

And here is our offering to the Port Isabel and South Padre Island area.

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